March 14, 2017

The wedding photos are in!

"Location, location, location" with Everlast Studios!

"The resort was amazing, most the staff were amazing!! Jacinta (weddings) I can not thank her enough for what she did for me ! She was so professional! Not once did she over step any boundaries even when I was being bridezilla. Because of Jacinta I will be spreading the word to social media, friends and anyone else that will listen that twin waters is the place to get married ! All my guest were treated like royalty! I do know that 3 family's have already booked another holiday with twin waters! I have stayed numerous times and this will also continue! Jacaline (bar staff) she was so lovely at the wedding and Everyone adored her. She was so well spoken and made my big day so calm ! My only problem was all the water dragons argh they were everywhere hah they scared the day lights out of me, but I did love seeing the nature so I guess I won't make a full complaint (haha this is a joke) The lovely maids, the poor lady's had to pick up after me they deserve a metal. I'll wrap it up because I could be here all day talking it up. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heat for everyone's hard work and participation in my stay at twin waters ❤️ Can't wait to stay again (I now have to save as you guys have all my money) Thank you ALL"