June 02, 2017

Sally Fitzgibbons stays fit & healthy while travelling

"It can be difficult to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle whilst travelling. Here Sally Fitzgibbons tells us about the life of a travelling surfing pro and some actionable ways you too can feel your best, regardless of whether you’re away for work or play."

My top 3 tips to stay healthy while travelling

#1: Get outside your comfort zone
It’s a great way to see some sights and get a feel for wherever you are. My favourite time of the day is dawn. Before the streetlights come on, I’m usually out of the door and running along the beach or trail. I’ve already been sightseeing before everyone else is up!

#2: Experiment and enjoy
Try the local food, but stick to fresh veggies and lean protein wherever you can. When in doubt, always have a healthy snack handy! If you’re travelling on holiday or for business, don’t stress too much and enjoy the time you have exploring new surroundings.

#3: Make time for your workouts
Whether it’s a 20min HIIT (high intensity interval training) session or sprints, there’s always a little time to get active. If you’re staying at Novotel, you can try one of my 30 min workouts from the comfort of your hotel room! The workouts on the Train Like Sally app are quick and accessible to all fitness levels. I do them myself! Some don’t require any equipment and can be done in a hotel room or outside. It’s important to get creative when you’re on the go.

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