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A girl under the tree -Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort


We have a team dedicated to ensuring your Sunshine Coast wedding day is as stress free and enjoyable as possible and at the forefront of our team is Maddison Smith, our Wedding Executive who works closely with our in-house styling team. From the minute you enquire, to your final goodbye on your wedding day, Maddie will be with you every step of the way.

We sat down with Maddie to find out a little bit about who she is, her passions and why she just loves working in the weddings industry.

About Maddie
Maddie joined the Weddings team in August 2019, having started in hotels in the banquets department whilst still at school, and then working with the front office teams, AV Partners styling weddings, and her previous role as an event coordinator for the Accor Brisbane hotels. With a strong familial connection to the hospitality and tourism industry, Maddie has always spent lots of time in hotels and lending an extra hand setting up special events.

Why Weddings?
When faced with the opportunity to join the Novotel Sunshine Coast weddings team, Maddie was thrilled to work within the beautiful grounds of the resort. “Weddings are a really special industry to be a part of. I love being able to form a more personal connect and relationship with the couple and their families. I find there is a never a dull day when working on our weddings, particularly due to the fact there are multiple venues options within the resort grounds!” “It is not unusual to work on 3 – 5 weddings per week, and each one varying from Lily’s to Tipi on the beach or Marquee on the event lawn.”

Best weddings advice?
If there is one piece of advice Maddie can offer to all future newlyweds, it’s to “take the time to stop, reflect and take it all in. Enjoy the day and don’t let any changes in weather take priority. The biggest advice I can offer to help with this is to nominate a point of contact, for example a bridesmaid/ parent or friend, who can be the one to answer any questions on the day. It helps you to ignore your phone and be in the moment.”

Maddie also strongly recommends adding photo buggies to your wedding day. The Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort photo buggies are a service in which the bridal party are chauffeured around the resort grounds for photos. This allows you to relax, explore more photo locations and of course helps with sore feet!

Favourite Moments?
Every wedding is uniquely special. But there are certain moments which everyone loves more than others. For Maddie, her favourite moment in each wedding is listening to the vows. “They are usually the most unique and emotional part of the whole day. You are offered a special insight into each couples love story.” Alongside the vows, you can find Maddie finding entertainment at the different ways each MC entertains the guests, and the quirky entries by the bridal party.

Random Fun Fact about Maddie?
Maddie has 2 Cavoodles, she is a sucker for a cute baby animal, especially lambs and goats!

If you are recently engaged, or have started planning for your wedding day, contact Maddie directly on tel:(07) 5450 9593 or email our team at

A girl under the tree -Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort