January 08, 2020

Say Watts? Twin Waters Spa and Naomi Watts favourite skin care products

Naomi Watts, the 50 year old Australian actress has perfect skin. As “Who What Wear” found out, the A-list celebrity, Watts has access to all kinds of luxury facials, treatments, and experts. When it comes to a daily skincare routine and go-to product line-up, Naomi’s strategy is refreshingly streamlined, with a minimal number of formulas that are both high-quality and nontoxic. Who What Wear compiled Naomi Watts favourite non-toxic products that she swears to.

Saya Basin Essentials Duo (RRP $85)

“You know when you go to a dinner party and your host already has a substantial wine collection? Well, I  love giving a gift that lasts long after the moment. The scent of this Australian duo from Saya made with pure plant botanicals is one of my favorites and looks beautiful by the sink as well”

Original article with thanks from https://www.whowhatwear.com.au/naomi-watts-skincare-routine