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Sustainability At Novotel

Our Actions & Our Promise.

As part of the Accor network, Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort is a part of the group’s commitment to constantly work to redefine boundaries. Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort continues to commit to sustainable practices for the health and wellbeing of our community and planet. Take a further look at our initiatives.

Our Actions

Conservations Credits
The Resort has introduced a number of hotel led sustainability initiatives including “Conservation Credits” offered to our guests whereby they have an option to choose to skip a room refresh & reuse their towels and linens in return for resort dining credit to promote savings on water and energy. The resort has adopted water savings programmes including the harvesting of rain waters through water catchment facilities along roof lines and the use of grey water for lawns and gardens within the resort as well as provided to a neighbouring golf course. The Sunshine Coast Convention Centre facility at the resort features chilled ‘Meet PAT' water bottle refill stations in common areas for guests and visitors to use their own water bottles, reducing the need for single use bottles. 

Local Produce 

Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort and the Sunshine Coast Convention Centre are committed to offering healthy, balanced and high-quality food, using locally sourced and grown products to fight against food waste. Restaurant menus are tailored to suit seasonal produce and have also banned overfished species as part of the ongoing commitment to sustainability. We support our local food and agriculture network, sourcing fresh produce locally as much as possible.

Waste Management

Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort has proudly implemented WasteMaster, a cutting-edge waste management solution, signaling our commitment to environmental sustainability. This initiative reflects our dedication to responsible investment, consistent with its ownership by The Shakespeare Property Group (SPG), a firm committed to sustainable practices across its portfolio. WasteMaster’s introduction addresses the hospitality industry’s food waste challenges, particularly crucial for establishments like restaurants and banquet facilities catering to diverse guest needs. The technology efficiently manages food waste while minimising environmental impact by diverting it from landfills and producing compost-like residual material. Our adoption of WasteMaster underscores our commitment to embracing innovative solutions that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship, setting a commendable example for the industry.

During the construction of the Sunshine Coast Convention Centre, a nature strip for wildlife to safely travel around the build and amongst existing bushland reserves was implemented, as well as the relocation of a landmark bottle tree installed as an arrival feature. The Sunshine Coast Convention Centre has implemented eco-friendly stationary offerings for delegates by way of branded recycled lead pencils & notepads as an alternative to standard plastic pens as well as a continued focus for promoting keep cups instead of cardboard takeaway cups.

Single Use Plastics 

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste, we have implemented comprehensive measures to eliminate single-use plastics throughout the resort and convention centre. This includes the removal of plastic straws, the transition to eco-friendly room amenities, the use of biodegradable or reusable alternatives to plastic cutlery, and the adoption of sustainable takeaway packaging solutions. By prioritising the reduction of single-use plastics, we aim to minimise our environmental footprint and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet. Our guests can rest assured that their stay and events at our resort and convention centre align with principles of sustainability and responsible tourism.

Water Conservation  

Being located on 36 hectares of Sunshine Coast Bushland is it extremely important to us that we do everything we can to care for the natural enviornment. The resort had choosen to utilise recycled water for all gardening and grounds maintence outside of 25m of guest areas. Within guest areas, our team utilise rainwater from on site water tanks. These measures allow us to ensure we are conserving a much water as possible.


Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort prioritises accessibility for all guests. The resort offers accessible rooms with spacious bathrooms located on the ground floor for convenience. Guests can navigate the resort effortlessly using an accessible golf buggy, and all hotel facilities, including the restaurant, Sunshine Coast Convention Centre, and function rooms, are designed to be fully accessible with ramps and wide walkways. Additionally, the resort's website features a dedicated landing page for sustainability and accessibility, providing guests with essential information to ensure a confident and comfortable stay.

Sustainability for us is not a fad, but a lifelong commitment to the health of our local community, and the betterment of the planet. We will be actively updating this page with future initiatives and our progress! Join in our efforts during your next stay at Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort.