June 14, 2020

Our High Tea Menus - Novotel Sunshine Coast

It is no secret the English rule the High Tea world. Dating back to the 19th century, the origins of high tea actually began as the evening meals of the working class. Consisting of a hot dish, with sides of cakes, breads, butters and jams, the true origin of high is believed to pay homage to the high table where the meal was consumed, or because it was consumed in the ‘high’, later stages of the day. Today, high tea is enjoyed by many to mark special occasions, celebrations or a luxurious treat with friends.

The Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort team love high tea. As a wonderful way to bring people together, high teas can now be enjoyed by all in the resort’s newly transformed lobby lounge or Sola deck. But high tea at Novotel Sunshine Coast is unique. Not only do guests have the chance to indulge in a traditional English Garden menu, in keeping with our Sola brand now you can be transported to the green and gold pastures of Sicily.
So what’s the difference between an English and Sicilian High Tea? Below are a few of the differences you can expect from your experience.

1. Traditional sweets are replaced with more rustic tastes. The Sicilian sweets menu features traditional Sicilian flavours including zesty lemon and sweet honey, complimented by mild savoury elements. Traditional English fresh fruit tarts have been replaced with pistachio cannoli’s – sure to get those taste buds singing.

2. Finger sandwiches swapped for delectable bruschetta. We all know and love the traditional finger sandwiches a traditional English high tea contains. Be delighted in your Sicilian high tea with a varied selection of fresh and refined bruschetta. Flavours combos include chicken pesto & avocado, mushroom and truffled ricotta and prosciutto, fig and honey. #delicious!

3. The classic high tea scones. No high tea is complete without a mouth watering scone. Warm the soul with a classic lemonade scone, topped with double cream and homemade strawberry preserve. Or be transported to Sicily with a savoury sundried tomato, olive and asparagus scone with fresh ricotta and basil oil.

It’s true, no matter your hearts desires, we have a high tea menu for all to enjoy. Whether you prefer a classic English menu or are tempted to try our little slice of Sicily, we hope to be welcoming you to join us for a high tea soon. To view our full menus, please click here

To book your high tea, please call 54509521 or email our team here.