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Incorporating wellness into corporate meetings and events

Incorporating wellness into your next event is an increasing popular addition for many event organisers. As the world's focus on health and wellbeing continues to grow, we sat down with local personal trainer and yoga instructor Mimi Frieser to ask for her top tips for building active practises into meetings, events and conferencing.  

1.    Why do you think it is important for corporate businesses to incorporate wellness in their work place?
Work shouldn’t feel like work, it should be a place where we connect with others, where we get inspired, and where we tap into our creative sources. Wellness events create the best ground to bring all that to fruition.

2.    How can companies organise and include activities that would take their conference to the next level and also benefits their colleagues?
Often the aim and key to corporate events is the team building and bonding aspect. Through health and wellness activities like Yoga, Pilates or team sports; that involves team members engaging each other and learning new skills in a casual and friendly setting, it allows connections between them  that may be difficult to achieve in a work setting. The team leaves the event feeling good, having broken down old barriers with colleagues and skilled up on their personal health and fitness abilities.

3.    Can companies incorporate wellness activities cost effectively? What would these options include?
Yes absolutely, generally the bigger the team the more cost effective any event is that I/we offer. Whether that is at my gym/yoga studio space, or me coming to your space and creating a regular class that all staff can take part in. The Japanese and Germans are well ahead of us on this, as its quite common to have stretching classes offered to staff each week, and well, when you think about productivity of people around the world, I feel most people would have the Germans and Japanese close to the top. An excellent low-cost offering considering the potential productivity reward of having a happy healthy staff.

4.    What will companies and attendees take home if they were to add a wellness component to their conference? Will this endorse lifestyle changes or will it encourage changes in their workplace? 
It is often said that the hardest part of going to a class, or the gym is actually deciding.  I regret going to yoga, said no wo(man) ever. Including a wellness component to your event allows individuals who are perhaps interested in yoga or the gym, but never make it, ‘to test the water’ in a safe, familiar, and friendly environment among people they know. Events like these are often the small catalysts for big change in people lives. Aside from that, the team sharing the fun of a fitness session or the challenges of a yoga class (backwards bend anyone?) will solidify and forge relationships, old and new.

5.    How can companies get in contact with you to book your service?
Best way to get in touch is via email 
or phone 
Or via text on Instagram


The Background of Mimi
Mimi originally from Munich where she studied sport science, and finds fulfilment in teaching sport and spreading the joy of movement. With more than 10 years experience as a personal trainer, she has spent the best part of those years broadening her repertoire. Delivering the message of connection through movement with the self, there was a deep laying urge for a more profound practice, whereby she discovered Yoga for herself in 2011.
In 2015 she travelled to Indonesia for her Teacher Training and was taught by Guru Made in Bali. This journey made her Yoga practice shift from an “Asana practice” to a “Yoga as a lifestyle” one, which she has never looked back from.
In 2016 she moved to Australia for the beach lifestyle and to expand her learning in another cultural setting. She kept following her passion working as a Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates Teacher and set up her own Yoga Retreat company “Feelgood Junkies”, which hosts Yoga events in Bali, Australia, Germany and Spain among other countries.

Her biggest inspiration is her clients and students, seeing them succeeding and reaching their goals and beyond, motivates Mimi to be a better version of herself every day.
In 2018 Mimi was fortunate enough to be picked up by lululemon as an ambassador, while teaching on the sunshine coast and further on opening her own Studio INTRAFlow .
Students say her yoga teaching style is instinctive, and her flows are original, contemporary and fresh, yet have a sense of the familiarity; each is a seamless transition from one place of peace and stillness to the next. In her practice one will find Wild and Peaceful flows - to create space where spaciousness is desired and strength where support is needed.

Previous experience with corporate companies and standout moments in your career
In cooperation with Nike and Lululemon Mimi is booked consistently for sport and yoga events.
In addition to the private bookings for Yoga/ Aerial Yoga Events at my Studio INTRAflow,  my previous experience extends to:
•    Nike Master Trainer for the Team Germany
•    Hosting Yoga Retreats globally with my business “Feelgood Junkies”
•    Yoga Teacher for WANDERLUST TV
•    Featured Yoga Teacher for Apparel Isabelle Moon
•    First lululemon yoga ambassador on the Sunshine Coast
•    Opening of my own studio INTRAFlow on the Sunshine coast

Your beliefs and why you think health and wellbeing is so important 
It is very cliché to say – You can’t pour from an empty cup – It is so very true. Be selfish until your cup is full, and then share to overflow.
We often run down ourselves when we don’t take care of ourselves, or when we don’t know what it is we are lacking to feel good, it is a huge struggle to perform as your best version in any other life situation, especially at work where we find ourselves facing challenges and obstacles on a daily base.
Whenever we feel our best, is whenever we perform our best, when creativity flows and difficult tasks seem to be overcome with ease.
Movement, Meditation and Consciousness of oneself is the key to re- connect with oneself, to align one needs and one actions in order to find that flow state.


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